Your partner in Asia

Asia now has the world’s fastest growing markets for high tech products and services. A successful export strategy requires understanding the trends in regional demand, the competitive environment, identifying barriers as well as key market drivers. Whether for China, Japan, Korea, or ASEAN (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos) we can offer expert advice and strong local support.

Our team has helped literally hundreds of companies successfully enter Asian markets in all industrial sectors. We can help you evaluate and penetrate the often complex and competitive local and regional business ecosystems and identify optimum entry strategies. We can assist you with advice on IP protection, and guide you to financing and sources of government grants, loans and subsidies. We can help you navigate the region’s often complex regulatory, licensing and certification systems. We can source and undertake due diligence on distributors, potential licencees, joint venture or acquisition partners. We can help you source IP, secure design and development and product localisation. Should you decide to market directly, we can support your roll out and market growth. Finally, we can provide interim management and Board services should these be needed to establish your local presence.

Please contact us for a no-commitment consultation in complete confidence. Find how our services can support your market entry and growth.