Forward Osmosis: Technology Outlook 2017 and Beyond


fo-title2 Authored by GTAsia Associate Dr. J.S. Yong, 'Forward Osomosis. Technology and Outlook 2017 and Beyond' focuses on the fundamentals, evolution and various key components of this rapidly evolving technology with its inherent advantages, challenges and potential applications. It will provide investors, water treatment practitioners, and government and industry planners with a detailed guide to the barriers and opportunities for commercialization, including competing emerging technologies, demand drivers and technology sweet spots. A special section will review and compare key start-ups and their market position and potential. 

Under the umbrella of “competing emerging technologies”, membrane distillation will also be substantially discussed, and the basics of membrane distillation, its advantages, drawbacks, suitable applications, major players, present market status as well as respective market outlook and trends will be reviewed.

About the Author: Dr. Yong is a considered expert in the field of Forward Osmoisis. She graduated with honors with her Bachelors of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and obtained her Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT. Following that, she completed her doctorate in Chemical Environmental Engineering from Yale University, a leading US academic institution in Forward Osmosis research. With more than 380 citations on her high impact research papers in the field of Forward Osmosis, she has presented at numerous conferences, including the 2015 International Forward Osmosis Conference in Vancouver on the Challenges & Chances for Commercialization for FO well and the 2012 Young Water Talent Symposium during Singapore's International Water Week.

A well-rounded environmental industry professional, Dr. Yong's expertise includes technology assessment and feasibility studies, technical evaluations, patent research, industrial/municipal market strategic development, business development and partner engagement. She has included in her career assignments as a senior industry professional with both large well-known global corporations and technology start-ups.

Pricing: The report will be available for download December 2016. Pricing is USD3000, with discounts for academic and institutional use. For further information, including index and sample pages, please contact us.