Our Services

Are you a new exporter or thinking of expanding your business to Asia.....

Our practice is based on years of experience guiding and assisting both small and large companies successfully enter and grow in Asian markets. We understand that entering a new market is not only a SWOT process, but requires an understanding of the human and cultural factors as well as the business environment. 

or looking for new technologies or products to help grow your business..

We have extensive contacts through our client base, and with research institutes, universities and technology repositories in North American and Asia.  

what we can do for you 

- provide a tailored, practical competitive analysis to help you position your products or services

- map your market entry and marketing and distribution strategies

carry out due diligence on potential partners and distributors

- advise on how to approach local government programs for tax benefits, grants, loans and other sources of support

- connect you to PE and other financing.

- provide expert advice and support on public relations 

- provide interim Board and management support to augment your team for new operations.

We offer a full range of services for market evaluation, market entry and post-entry support.  Please see the tabs for more detail on:

Please Contact us if you are interested in a free initial assessment, and for more details on pricing of follow up services