Fund Raising and Investment Due Diligence

Whether your need is financing for supporting exports, market operations, growth, R&D, or product design, development or localization, we may be able to assist in financing your expansion to Asia. Our team has extensive experience in venture and corporate investment funds, in raising capital, in due diligence and M&A activities. We can assist as well in guiding you to projects, as well as available grants and subsidies from various multilateral and government sources.

For investors we can provide a suite of due diligence services including:

– Access to regional investment pipelines

– Comprehensive market, product, business, and financial evaluations

– Interview company management, customers, and vendors

– Analysis of financial, legal, environmental, regulatory and technological factors.

We can also assist in fund raising and finding Asian investment candidates for North American clean tech related venture funds.

We are a registered ADB consultant. 

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