Market Research

It is a truism that market research is an essential first step before entering a market. Ongoing research is also essential in regions of dynamic growth where even months can introduce critical change.

General market reports often miss the crucial details necessary for management to make informed decisions.  Business is rarely limited to a buy-seller relationship, but exists in its own ecosystem and needs to be in tune with a range of factors beyond simple demand growth. These include:

  • minimal levels of preparedness¬†
  • factors which influence local market penetration
  • competition and awareness of local competitive factors including:
    • brand recognition
    • reputation
    • reliability
    • price
    • other
  • how subject products are typically sold and distributed.
  • identities and reputations of available distributors and agents.
  • related government policies.¬†
  • standards and conformance.
  • requirements for standards and conformance, packaging and instructions
  • praxis (how the technology or product is used locally)
  • major players and thought leaders
  • risks and related legal issues

We tailor our market research for individual clients, and  research includes on-the-ground resources. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your own interests. We maintain strict client confidentiality on all queries.