April 11-12, 2018 GTAsia to attend InterFLOOD - Asia's Flood and Disaster Conference and Exhibition. Suntec Singapore international Exhibition and Convention Centre.
April 6, 2018 CEO D.Wynne to participate in NUS seminar "The AI Revolution: Changing the HR Game". Innovation 4.0.

March 22, 2018. GTAsia CEO David Wynne to moderate a session on Building Smart Cities at the Canada ASEAN Business Forum, to be held at the Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore March 21 and 22. Panelists to include:

  • Luis Gonzales ElementAI Principal Director ASEAN
  • Ms. Janet de Silva Toronto Region Board of Trade President and CEO
  • Ms. Humera Malik Canvass Analytics CEO and Founder

For more information please see

March 21. GTAsia CEO D.Wynne to attend SingEx IoT Conference on Smart Cities.

March 16. GTAsia engaged by Vancouver based remote sensing company to support market entry in S.E. Asia.

March 4, 2018.  GTAsia Pte Ltd has been selected as marketing partner for Canada by SingEx and Deutsche Messe for the Industrial Transformation ASIA PACIFIC Conference and Trade Show to premiere on 16–18 October 2018 at the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre. For more information please see

February 5, 2018. The GTAsia exclusive report “The Canadian AI Ecosystem: A 2018 Profile” is released, highlighting the enormous economic potential for Canadian AI firms. We now turn to examining markets for those firms. McKinsey estimated in a 2017 report that existing AI technologies could automate approximately 50% of work activities in ASEAN’s four largest economies, an estimated $900 billion in wages. Canada’s growing connections with ASEAN further affirm that it is an important market to explore for Canadian artificial intelligence solutions. The report preparation was led by senior consultant Brady Fox and supported by team members Chad Rickaby, Denea Bascombe and Sonia Takhar, D. Wynne ed.

November 16. CEO D.Wynne attends Canadian High Commission Speaker Series for Canada’s 150th Anniversary, “Building Successful Startup Companies: From Local to Global” by Sir Terry Matthews.

November 13-17. CEO D. Wynne conference delegate at Singapore FinTech Festival, world's largest fintech conference and exhibition.

November 9. CEO D.Wynne attends Arctic Seminar 'Ice in the Tropics: Bringing Climate Change in the Arctic Closer to Home: Opportunities and Risks from the North Pole to the Equator' at the National Museum of Singapore. Sponsored by the Canadian High Commission, the Embassy of Finland & hosted by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

November 1-2. CEO D. Wynne participates in the Future Economy Conference and Exhibition. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

October 10. CEO D. Wynne participates in KPMG's 'Closing the Cyber Security Gap' seminar. 

September 13. GTAsia completes its study and recommendtions on concepts for a Future Series conference with a Singapore conference organizer. 

June 20. GTAsia announces its new market study on"Opportunities in Asia for Canadian AI". The study will include in depth outreach by our research team to Canadian AI companies and research institutes. For more information please contact us. 

May 22-26. GTAsia will be supporting the Quebec Mission to CommunicAsia 2107at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre.

April 25-27 GTAsia attends the Sea Asia conference. 

April 5. GTAsia engaged by Government of Quebec MESI to support ASEAN market entry for provincial IT companies attending CommunicAsia 2107. 

April 4-5. President and CEO David Wynne attends Globe Series 'Financing the Future' conference in Toronto. 

March 25. GTAsia completes  study Electric Vehicles - Threats and Opportunities for Singapore GLC.

Dec 1. GTAsia Scientific Advisor Dr. Jui Shan Yong, is an invited guest speaker at the IDA International Energy and Environment Forum, Creative Solutions and Innovative Strategies to Today’s Water Challenges, taking place on December 7 & 8, 2016 in Miami Fla. 

November 29-Dec 3. GTAsia affiliate Inuktun Asia Pte Ltd exhibits at OSEA 2016 at Marine Bay Sands. 

November 22-24. GTAsia attended the Asian Development Bank (ADB) inaugural Green Business Forum for Asia and the Pacific, which features high-level talks and panel discussions on sustainable business opportunities in the region. The forum was held at the ADB Headquarters in Manila from November 22 to 24.

October 21. The first in a series of reports on technology and Asian economies"Forward Osmosis: Technology Outlook 2017 and Beyond", authored by GTAsia Associate Dr. J.S. Yong, will be published in December.

October 11, 2016. GTAsia now a partner of Leadbook. Leadbook delivers verified company and contact information in real time. With over 15,000,000 company profiles and 40,000,000 contacts on their searchable database of verified prospect names, e-mails, job titles and companies they are an invaluable resource for planning and executing your marketing strategy in Asia.  

October 5, 2016. GTAsia client CATE will be presenting at the 16th Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Conference, Shanghai Nov 8-9. More details can be found at and the programme at

October 2, 2016. GTAsia welcomes the addition of four researchers from the University of British Columbia’s Graduate Program in Public Policy and Global Affairs. The team recently collaborated on the published report ‘Canada-ASEAN Business Outlook 2016’ prepared for the  Canada-ASEAN Forum held in Jakarta September 8-9, 2016

September 20-21. GTAsia's CEO David Wynne attended 'The Base of the Pyramid' Conference, Singapore on behalf of a GOS linked client.

August 26. GTAsia will be represented at the Canada ASEAN Forum in Jakarta September 7-8 by President and CEO David Wynne.

August 11, 2016  GTAsia welcomes Dr. Jui Shan Yong as Engineering Science Advisor. Shan holds a Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT and a doctorate in Chemical Environmental Engineering from Yale University specializing in Forward Osmosis. She is a qualified Project Management Professional and considered an expert in Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes.

May 24. GTAsia congratulates CATE on the official inauguration of the Changi Airport ARFF simulator . This enhanced simulator is now available for sale worldwide exclusively through GTAsia and its official sales agents.

April 24. GTAsia welcomes Reece Kurta as an Associate to GTAsia. Reece brings his vast network and twenty five years experience as an entrepreneur in the energy business.

February 10 2016. GTAsia retained by Singapore Temasek's SingEx Exhibition Ventures to provide strategy and linkages for a major sustainability conference planned for Singapore in 2017.

February 6 2016. GTAsia receives contract from the Government of Quebec MEIE to support Quebec IT companies attending Singapore's CommunicAsia. (May 31 - June 3, 2016)

September. GTAsia becomes the global marketing agent for CATE (Chartered Asia Technology Enterprise). CATE designs and manufactures the world's only full motion ARFF (Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting) vehicle and a full range of airport systems including an automated Airport Emergency System.

December 22. GTAsia and CATE sign an exclusive sales agreement with Novara Energy DMCC, a UAE based marketing consultant, for sales of the ARFF simulator to UAE.

November 14. GTAsia mourns the loss of our Associate Fraser Dinnis. Fraser was a highly regarded member of his community and valued in business circles for his expertise in banking and, more recently, his focus on Iran and Sri Lanka as important emerging markets.

August 6.  GTAsia will be providing market entry services for Stability Dynamics Ltd, a division of Team Eagle  for their vehicle and airport related systems in ASEAN, Korea and Taiwan.

March 28 2015 Greentech Asia is signed by inBay Technologies, producer of world class idQ authentication software, as its exclusive distribution partner for ASEAN, India and Australasia.

June 2-5 inBay Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd will be participating in CommunicAsia 2015  at the Canadian Pavilion.

April 24th. Greentech Asia Pte Ltd incorporates inBay Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd as exclusive licensee of inBay Technologies Ltd idQ products and services for ASEAN, India and Australasia.

March 15 2015 Greetech Asia welcomes Dr. John Wiebe as Senior Associate. Dr. Wiebe is the President and CEO of the GLOBE Group of Companies, having started the GLOBE Foundation in 1993, a renowned environmental business group headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. As an internationally known expert on environmental business and the application of sustainability principles to business ventures, he was recognized most recently in Sept. 2011 as one of Canada’s Clean16, naming him one of 16 individuals who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada.

October 2014 Greentech Asia welcomes Fraser Dinnes as an Associate.

October 2014. Greentech Asia welcomes Ken Lewis, former Canadian Ambassador to U.A.E. as Associate.

June 1-5 2014 Greentech Asia will attend Singapore International Water Week

February 12-16 2014. Greentech Asia will attend Singapore Aerospace

October 8-9, 2013. Singapore. GTAsia will be represented at the first Canada ASEAN Business Forum  by Pres and CEO David E. Wynne. The conference, which will have Canada's Trade Minister, the Hon. Ed Fast, as a Guest of Honour, will be held at Singapore's Raffles City Convention Centre.

September 25, 2013. Singapore. Green Technology Asia is pleased to announce that it has been engaged by Canada's Globe Foundation to explore extending its conferences and services to Asia. The Globe Series, initiated in 1990, has been at the forefront of new ideas and vital insights on business and sustainability. It has helped businesses embed sustainability into their operations, influenced the global debate on climate change, and accelerated the market for clean technologies and services. For more on Globe Series and its affiliated services, please visit

September 2, 2013. Victoria B.C. Green Technology Asia Pte Ltd is pleased to announce it has been appointed exclusive distributor for Asia (ASEAN, Korea and Taiwan) for Recce Robotics International Recce Robotics is the sole licensee and manufacturer of the VGTV (Variable Geometry Tracked Vehicle), a search and rescue robot widely deployed in U.S. and European military, search and rescue and civil engineering.

July 1, 2013.  Nanaimo, B.C. Green Technology Asia is pleased to announce it has been appointed the exclusive distributor for Asia (ASEAN, Korea and Taiwan) for the Canadian robotic company Inuktun Services. For details please visit Inuktun's online customer community at for up-to-date information.