Our Team

Business expertise in the world’s fastest growing markets

Green Technology Asia Pte Ltd specializes in introducing North American and European companies into some of Asia’s largest and fastest growing markets – China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and all of ASEAN – markets where local knowledge and experience can make all the difference between success and failure.

Our Associates have almost two centuries of combined experience in Asia at the highest levels of business and government. Our research economists specialise in Asia, with a strong focus on China.

As a team we share:

– A track record of success in helping business understand, enter and compete in the Asian markets.All of our team have been there and done it – successfully.

– A reputation for performance, integrity and fairness.

– A deep understanding of business processes. We understand the hurdles of product development, manufacturing and distribution, introducing new components and technologies into legacy systems, how to overcome the competition in markets that favor the entrenched, the requirements for meeting regulatory and certification requirements, for product and documentation localization, for after sales service and support.

– A love of business. For its challenges, opportunities and the pleasure of succeeding.

– A client focus. If we take you on as a client, we work for you. We will not take you on until we feel we understand your business objectives and believe we can add value. If we can’t deliver, we will tell you. Upfront.