DAVID E. WYNNE President and CEO

David is concurrently President and CEO GTAsia, of Inuktun Asia Pte Ltd, the exclusive distributor for ASEAN, Korea and Taiwan of Inuktun Services Ltd. a designer and manufacturer of Canadian robotic inspection systems, as Executive Director of XentiQ Partners, a Singapore based medical device design and development company, and Director on Upstream Ventures, an early stage Singapore-based fund.

Prior to his business career he served as a senior diplomat for Canada in Korea, Japan and Singapore, as Chair of the Interdepartmental APEC Committee to coordinate Canada’s participation in APEC, as Canada’s representative to the APEC Budget and Administration Committee and as Canadian Deputy Chair of the APEC Economic Committee. He has extensive experience in trade negotiations, including serving as Canadian Chair to the Trilateral Committee on Forest Products with Japan and the U.S. 

He has a special passion for technology starts ups. Early in his diplomatic career he conceived and organized the first technology exchange program with Israel (coining the term ‘Technomart’), and was co-founder of the Canadian software company Greenbook, one of the first hypertext authoring tools for the Internet.  Over the past two decades he has taken on a number of senior roles in the private sector, including:  Sr VP of Transpac Capital, one of Asia’s oldest and earliest VC funds with USD1B under management; COO and Co-founding team member of Merlion Pharmaceuticals, a Singapore based drug discovery company; Partner in Upstream Ventures, and COO of Zecotek Photonics, a Canadian photonics company with operations in Singapore.

David has a Master of Arts in Public Administration from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada with post graduate studies in International Development and Economics at Carlton University’s NPSIA, and at INSEAD. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Singapore Venture Capital Association, on the Executive Council of the Singapore Biotech Association ‘BioSingapore’ as a founding member. He presently serves as Vice President of the  Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. 

David holds British and Canadian passports and is a Singapore PR, where he has resided for over twenty years. He is a published author, and enjoys sailing, cooking and the occasional game of golf.  



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