As GTAsia’s Director of Research,  Brady comes with a wide range of experience in the region, having worked on a variety of research projects in China, Japan, and across Southeast Asia. He has a strong background in economic development, international relations and governance in the Asia Pacific. He is also an expert on emerging  technologies in Canada, in particular pertaining to the development of the Canadian brand in East Asia. He is reads and writes in both Chinese and Japanese.

He was lead contributor to the influential 2016 Canada-ASEAN Business Survey. His most recent achievement has been leading the research and lead author of GTAsia’s groundbreaking report “The Canadian AI Ecosystem: A 2018 Profile” . Brady will also be leading the team on the development of our upcoming report ‘Blockchain in Canada. A world leader in blockchain technologies.’

Brady served as a 2017 Young Sinologist at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. As an overseas expert on Chinese affairs, his op-eds on China in the Asia Pacific can be found on a variety of platforms.

He holds degrees from the University of British Columbia in International Relations and Public Policy.