Dr. Greg C. Weary is a Senior Ecologist with more than 25 years of experience in environmental impact assessment, management, planning, policy, permitting, mitigation, monitoring and capacity building for infrastructure and natural resource management projects. He has a broad background in agriculture, wildlife biology and ecology/toxicology, as well as experience managing multidisciplinary and multinational environmental teams working in developing economies and remote locations.

Dr. Weary has worked as both senior scientist and team leader on diverse projects around the Globe. These have included hydroelectric, thermal, agricultural and forestry developments; mines; smelters; offshore oil and gas installations; transmission lines, pipelines; and transportation infrastructures such as roads and mass transit systems. He has lived and worked in Bahrain, Brunei, Bermuda, Cambodia, Chile, China, Dominican Republic, England, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Laos, New Caledonia, Thailand, Trinidad/Tobago, Vietnam, Yugoslavia and North America.

Dr. Weary’s extensive experience allows him to identify and address key environmental and social issues during the planning and implementation of natural resource management / development projects. He is accustomed to managing and working in cooperation with local stakeholders, consultants and authorities to complete assignments on time and within budget in order to meet the compliance/permitting requirements of local, national and international funding agencies.

Dr. Weary received his MSc and PhD from McGill University, Montreal, Canada