The Canadian AI Ecosystem: A 2018 Outlook

This report studies the emergent AI innovation ecosystem in Canada, focusing on opportunities and challenges for Canadian firms. It provides a roadmap for investors and policymakers alike by adding granularity to a growing enthusiasm over Canada’s burgeoning AI industry.  

We provide an up-to-date map of the current Canadian AI innovation ecosystem, based on interviews with AI leaders across Canada. We outline regional hubs such as Vancouver, Toronto, and theMontreal - Ottawa corridor, and reveal the individual and organizational networks driving AI innovation in Canada. This includes an analysis of strengths and weaknesses in each of Canada’s AI hubs as well as reflections on the state and trajectory of the industry from leading researchers and entrepreneurs. We provide a clear picture for policymakers and investors alike.

Our research is comprised of market analysis, secondary research, and interviews with industry leaders across Canada and abroad. Our Canadian focus is complimented by a reflections on contemporary emergent AI ecosystesms in East Asia, highlighting the opportunities and barriers unique to the Canadian context.

Authored by: Brady Fox and Denea Bascombe. Edited by David E. Wynne.

Our experienced research team is supported by a network of Associates located in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, sharing a wide experience at the highest levels in both the public and private sectors. 

Pricing: The report will be available for download December 2016. Pricing is USD1500, with discounts for academic and institutional use. Individual consulting and business matching packages are available for additional fees. For further information, including index and sample pages, please contact us.