The Canadian AI Ecosystem: A 2018 Profile

This report  represents the most recently available snapshot of AI activity in Canada. It was prepared by the research team of Green Technology Asia Pte Ltd. The research was carried out over several months in late 2017.

The research included interviews and in depth analysis of 297 of Canada’s AI companies, researchers and research institutes. It will provide industry, policy makers, investors, and researchers with valuable insights and details on Canada’s AI sector.

A second report ‘Opportunities for AI in Asia’ is currently in preparation. This will include details on the state of play of AI and the major players in key Asian markets, as well as strategies for market entry. This is largely aimed at participants in the Canadian AI sector, but should be of interest to any AI player. To receive updates on the report please register your interest through our website at

Authored by: Brady Fox (research lead), Denea Bascombe and Sonia Tankhar with contributions from Chad Rickaby. Edited by David E. Wynne.

Our experienced research team is supported by a network of Associates located in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, sharing a wide experience at the highest levels in both the public and private sectors. 

Pricing: The report outline and summary are available for download free of charge. More detail, including databases, competitive analyses, as well as opportunities for bespoke studies are available for sale. For further interest and inquiries on pricing please contact us as

Download the free report summary (15 page PDF) by clicking here.